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7 Winning Strategies for Contextual Video Advertising on YouTube

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YouTube is a great place to do video advertising; more than any other platform it offers the range of content and massive scale to do some really clever stuff when it comes to targeting audiences in novel ways.

Contextual targeting of Audiences on YouTube – the practice of targeting audiences based on what they are watching and its relevance to your ad – is one way to drive high performance. Using contextual targeting of audiences on YouTube VIDiRO customers have increased the click-through rates on their campaigns by 300%+ and achieved significant increases in the number of viewers who choose not to skip their YouTube TrueView ads. Why? Put simply, because the ad fits with what the audience is viewing or seeking advice on.

blue handbagTake the example of a Fashion Brand seeking to launch a new Handbag, by identifying and targeting the most current and popular Handbag reviews we can deliver the ad to an audience that is in-market and engaged.

There are a number of ways you can deliver a winning YouTube ad campaign using contextual targeting on YouTube. Here are 7 winning strategies:

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#1 Target Product Reviews

YouTube is full of product review videos, published by a wide range of channel owners often not affiliated to the manufacturer of the product they are reviewing. By scanning YouTube to compile lists of product reviews in your category you can create a target list of videos to run your campaign on. The thumbnails to the right (extracted from our PERFORM platform) show some popular fashion reviewers discussing handbags.

Taking another example of a Coffee Machine, VIDiRO recently tracked the top 1000 coffee machine reviews on YouTube that got a combined 41 million views. By compiling and continually updating lists of Handbag, Coffee Machine (or anything else) reviews any manufacturer or retailer in this space can deliver a highly targeted offer.

#2 Target Tutorials

Beyond entertainment people actively use YouTube to search for tutorial or how-to videos, these could relate to applications for your product or relate to behaviours of your target customers. Food Ads pre-rolling on Recipe videos is an example but this can extend to many examples from accountancy software to holiday deals. By targeting search behaviour and video consumption in this way you can connect to audiences who are open to your product.

#3 Target Niche Interests

Out of the 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute there really is something for everyone and YouTube is a place where communities / tribes are built around video and creators. By targeting videos that are trending in a particular niche your brand can continue to reach that niche audience on YouTube. As content changes and new videos are published, the trick is catching them early and adding them to your placements list. Did you know that the top 1000 Dog Grooming Videos on YouTube have to date received over 50 million views!

#4 Target Your Competitors

YouTube is full of videos that can mention your competitors or your competitors products, from How-to video tutorials, product reviews or demos and when these videos are watched this is an opportunity for you to target that viewer with your offer. A competitor product launch is a great example of an opportunity to capture targeted views of your competing offer. At such times many independent YouTube publishers may create videos that feature your competitors new product, by identifying these videos and adding them to your placements list you can ensure your message features in this conversation.

#5 Target Events

Many large trade shows result in large amounts of video publishing activity as companies launch products and the media publish videos from the show. Taking CES 2016 as an example, VIDiRO analysed and tracked the leading 1000 videos from the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics show - they got a combined 21 million views. By targeting this list any company with a stake in CES can boost its visibility and ROI in marketing from the event. This strategy can also be applied to cultural events like "St Patricks Day", music events like "Glastonbury", or fashion events like "London Fashion Week".

#6 Target Influencers

Influencer targeting is a big area for many brand marketers and agencies in 2016 and YouTube is a key platform for Influencer campaigns. Beyond the traditional approach of collaborating with influential YouTube Channel owners through "native" video productions you can easily target audiences on YouTube by compiling a list of influencers within particular content categories. Just as placement lists can be created for video level targeting in Google Adwords, channel level targeting lists can also be used to drive your campaigns on specific channels that are relevant to your campaign or segment.

#7 Target Global Trends

Knowing what is popular on YouTube on any given day (or over a period of time) in a specific country or region also provides an opportunity to target audiences. By scanning YouTube to detect what videos are popular in a country or language region you can create target lists of videos to use as placements, by combining this targeting with geotargeting in your Adwords account you can very efficiently create a "golden list" of the most popular and hottest videos and target viewers in specific geographic regions.

Contextual targeting of audiences on YouTube can be easily achieved by using placement lists in an AdWords campaign for video, this tactic and the strategies above will work for campaigns large or small to deliver better results.

All you need is a high quality placement list for your campaign – something that VIDiRO can provide, so please get in touch!

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