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VIDiRO introduce tools for marketers to better understand younger audiences on YouTube

London, 17 August 2016: VIDiRO Analytics today announce a powerful extension of their AdRadar media planning tool for YouTube.

Through a comprehensive analysis of YouTube, the company have identified and classified 20 separate interest based audience segments on YouTube of interest to Kids aged under 10. Insight from this analysis, which is real-time, shows a staggering 1.5 billion video views per week globally by this age group.

“This ground-breaking analysis means that it is now possible to better understand the viewing habits of younger audiences on YouTube and to identify which videos are popular or trending in real-time. We can also see how brands and products feature in these videos and measure the relative brand exposure to this younger audience. Using these insights, the VIDiRO AdRadar planning tool can be used by media buyers to execute targeted YouTube advertising campaigns that deliver better performance”, said Simon Factor CEO of VIDiRO

VIDiRO analysis does not rely upon identifying or placing cookies to track any individual video viewer. Instead, the company uses a non-intrusive content led approach identifying and measuring the performance of millions of top performing YouTube videos. The advanced algorithms VIDiRO have developed will be applied to other major interest based categories as the product rolls-out.

What kids are watching on YouTube

Vidiro have identified 20 interest based audience segments behind the 1.5 billion weekly views of videos popular with younger audiences. Kids segments include: ‘Egg hatchings’, ‘Cartoons’, ‘Surprise Eggs’ and ‘Costume and Dress-Up’ with brand reach for leading brands such as LEGO, Play-Doh and Hot Wheels seeing consistent weekly viewing levels. For instance, the top 1000 videos in the LEGO segment were watched 21 million times in the last two days, with 8 million for Hot Wheels.

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